About Game Gunk

Game Gunk is a project launched by myself, Jim ( Jimm ) to celebrate all things to do with learning and making indie games. Not forgetting my interest in retro gaming also. Namely PC gaming and old PlayStation games.

Oh, and meet ‘Ick’ or “Ik”. You humble and sticky Game Gunk ambassador. He has a lot to say for himself sometimes when it comes to games!

Ik - about Ik


I have worked with various Flash projects in the past, created some smaller projects in Unity, and have tinkered with other pieces of software for making indie games. I studied Multi-Media Design & Digital animation at university ( games ), in later years creating small 2D games for clients. All before undertaking a short course in using Unity Software.

Subject Matter

Fueled by my passion for indie games and love of being a tinkerer of digital software. This website covers topics around the general making of indie games, 2D, 3D, Unity, and other software.

And, old games. You can find a lot of love, fun, and inspiration in old games.

Game love

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Join me in my journey in creating a website to celebrate making games for passionate indie lovers!