Are floppy disk games worth anything?

For the retro game collectors, attic raiders, and junk sale rummagers, you may be wondering if your old floppy disk game is worth anything. These are factors that will impact the worth of your floppy disk game.

If the disk is readable and the physical outer casing of the floppy disk is in good condition, then it is likely to hold some value. But there is a caveat with how much your floppy disk game could be worth. If the game ‘on’ the disk is rare and there is sufficient demand by collectors, then the disk is likely to hold greater value than a game that doesn’t match this criteria. Scarcity, desire, and selling your game to the correct market are all factors that will also impact the value of the floppy disk game.

It should be noted that if the game on the disk is a copy, then the disk will hold little to no value.

If the floppy disk is damaged, worn, or unreadable, then it is likely to hold little to no value.

Particular games and gaming systems will also impact the value of the floppy disk game and its worth. Old PC games can hold value for example if sold to a PC game collector in near mint condition.

Packaging condition will also increase or decrease the value of your floppy disk game. If the box is unopened, unmarked and in the original box this can greatly increase its value.,

Where you list or sell your games will also impact the sale price and value of the game.

Here is some more information and research with regard to assessing the value of your floppy disk game. Consider the points below when weighing if you might be in possession of a valuable floppy disk game.

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Are floppy disk games worth anything – the game itself

Floppy disk games can be valuable if you own certain games for specific game systems. When gauging ‘if’ you own a valuable floppy disk game, make sure to carry out your research first to establish whether the ‘actual game’ on the floppy disk has value before listing it to sell.

The floppy disk hardware carries value, but the true value is held in the game on that floppy disk.

You can have an ‘in perfect-condition’ floppy disk game or part of a set, but if there is no market for the game, then the disk will probably hold no significant value at all!

Games such as Doom ( The original Doom ) can sell for significant sums of money on specialist auction sites or platforms such as eBay or HA.

As an example, at the time of writing this post, an edition of ‘Ultimate Doom’ in its original box is being sold on eBay for £189.00 for PC. Other editions of Doom for PC on floppy disk are being listed in excess of £500.00 on eBay – with over 14 watchers! ( I’m raiding the attic now )

Doom listings on specialist auction websites also suggest that sealed and certified copies of Doom can also hold high value for PC gamers.

If you have other old computer games that you are wondering if they are valuable, you may find this topic helpful. Are your old games worth anything?

Here is a breakdown of the criteria for assessing whether your old floppy disk game is anything.

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The Condition

Floppy disk games are worth something if the game disk, packaging, and print materials are in ‘mint’ condition. As in ‘perfect’ condition.

The closer the game is to factory new or how you would buy it in a shop, the more value it will retain.
Old floppy disk games that are in battered or broken condition will drastically lose value.

Where it is sold

Where you sell your old floppy disk game can be one of the largest and most significant factors as to whether it is sold for its true worth.

Knowing the eBay market especially, punters and collectors love a cheeky bargain. Don’t do yourself a disservice if you are selling a rare and collectible game. Get what the old game is worth!

Selling a floppy disk game on the right or wrong platform can increase or decrease its value. Make sure to look around the right spaces to sell your old floppy disk game to get the most value for money.

The games are complete

This ties back into whether your game is ‘factory new’. If some of the disks are missing, the box is missing or damaged, the booklet is lost etc. This equates to the game being incomplete. An incomplete game can quickly become worthless. Whether it be for PC or Amiga or any game system that accepts floppy disks.

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So… your old floppy disk game might be worth something | Attic raid time

If this wasn’t enough to send you running for the attic, perhaps this post on the worth of old games might. Are floppy disks games worth anything? Well, they certainly can be if it is the right game, and it matches the criteria above.

Although this information offers a general overview, always make sure to do your own homework, and take the time to research your game before trying to sell it.

I know when I next visit my parent’s house, I will certainly be ‘helping’ to clear the attic or loft space. Who knows what gaming treasure I will find.

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