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MS-DOS era PC games that time forgot…

Playing MS-DOS, or DOS games on my Dad’s 486 PC is a complete nostalgia trip.

The joys of playing various computer games with my family and friends after school were great. Although in truth my Dad was more of a spectator than a player. You see, these are not just DOS games with grainy 16-bit graphics and scratchy sound FX. No! These games helped to build lasting memories.

I think this is one of the biggest reasons why retro gamers think old games were better – nostalgia, and the ye olde rose-tinted glasses. I believe there is a lot to be said for gaming in this period.

Some might argue that MS-DOS was one of the golden eras for gaming. And I would be inclined to agree, at least in part.

There was a lot to love.

Big PC boxes, elaborate and original game box covers, and new and exciting games. The list goes on.

Here is my list of MS DOS-era games I played more than once.

Let us reminisce.

MS-DOS era PC games…

If you can find this game again, play it.

X Wing Series

MS-DOS era PC games X-WING
Credit : Designed by Lawrence Holland and Edward Kilham’s Totally Games for LucasArt

A classic from MS-DOS era PC games.

For those of you who don’t know, this was a Space combat sim based in the Star Wars universe. And the game was very cool to play and way ahead of its time. I would say that this would be a benchmark title that helps define an era in PC gaming.

Getting blown up triggered an animation where you were either picked up again by the rebels or you got to see your own funeral ceremony.

Such details! Not only that, you got your very own medal case to fill. It was a game that was made with passion.

If you can find this game again, play it.

Use the A-wing, B-Wing, Y-wing or … the X-Wing. If my memory is correct, there was an expansion pack where you play as a tie-fighter too.

You could also play the game with a retro flight stick too – with a mushroom beige base. This game certainly deserves its place in the hall of fame of DOS-era games!

( My brother would appreciate this post too I’m sure. )

Subwar 2050

What was it?

Another ‘flight sim’ However, instead of coursing through space like in X-Wing, you participated in underwater dog fights against other high-tech enemy submarines. This game was more under the radar than X-wing but it is a game and it too deserves a nod in remembering old PC games.

I can remember the ‘spit-fireesque’ submarine on the big PC box too. I loved those big PC boxes.

A game that deserves a nod in this hall of fame.

Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania was another MS-DOS game I enjoyed playing in my childhood. This little gem of a puzzler is a forgotten gem from the DOS era of gaming that deserves an honourable nod again.

This game was original for its time and very challenging from memory.

For those of you who have never heard of or seen this game.

Do you know what you had to do?
Connect a load of pipes from 1 point of the level to another point before the time runs out!

That was the whole game, nothing big, nothing loud, just connecting pipes and watching the magic happen when you make a complete connection before your time runs out. There must be retro gamers out there who can remember playing this game.

Space Ace

I really wished my dad owned speakers when I played this game as a kid.

I think it would have made the whole experience that much better, and the experience was already awesome to begin with. Even when I played this game in silence, it still looked amazing, and I can recall trying to play this game on my own and being generally terrible at it. It was a tricky game at the time, as many old games were.

Space Ace, if you are unfamiliar with this title, could be regarded as a spiritual science fiction themed successor to Dragons Lair. It was created by Don Bluth, the same genius who created Dragons Lair and looks and plays ( allegedly ) the same. This is such a unique looking, and unique playing game.

“The Orb is 10 poles east”

– Legends of Valour… ( or at least it went something like that! )

Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Tempress - Developed by Revolution Software
Credit : Lure of the Tempress – Developed by Revolution Software

I’ve mentioned this game a couple of times in various blog posts.

Lure of the Temptress is a graphic adventure game where you control the protagonist – Diermot to take on Selena, The Temptress, from which the game takes its name.

Brace yourself. You will be taken beyond irritation as you attempt to walk past NPCs, it is also a game you can ruin unless you have the foresight to make an earlier alternative game save if you are not careful. And, well… that is all the annoying parts.

Despite all these character traits or quirks, this is a retro MS DOS-era game packed with old-school gaming charm. If you love the graphic adventure genre, perhaps you should consider this game. I managed to download it from Gog. However, you can read more here.

Legends of Valour

A worthy mention on a list of MS-DOS games that time forgot – Legends of Valour.

I loved this game when I was a child. I couldn’t play it properly, but still managed to enjoy the game!

This was the early days in the realms of making semi-open world gaming before you were spoon-fed markers and waypoints of where to go and how to progress in the game. You even had to ask locals how close things were like some sort of a confuddled postman.

“The Orb is 10 poles east”

How far is a ‘Pole’? I’m not sure either, and my 8 year old brain certainly had no idea how far a pole was. But this game made you work for it.

It was a hard game, filled with monsters, underground caverns, and bad-tempered locals walking about Mittledorf. You could get arrested for minding your own business or looking through a window, this would lead you to need to pay a fine…

I remember a lot about this game, both the actual game materials and the game itself. This is certainly a game I would try and replay again.

The game also came with a great manual in the age of PC big boxes that were filled with monsters and backstories. This could very well been one of the things that had an early impression on my impressionable brain – bestiaries.

This game also came with a map. Another thing that would excite and fuel my overzealous imagination. Although I do have a vague memory of drawing on the map so the chances are it is defaced by now sadly.

I bet this old game is worth something now if I were to find it. I am, however… uncertain I would want to part with it.

Heimdall ( 1 & 2 )

Heimdall game the pig trail in the MS-DOS era PC games that time forgot
This is a screenshot taken from the pig trail in Heimdall 1 – Credit : Heimdall – Core Design – 8th Day

Another game that deserves not to be forgotten in the age of MS-DOS games – Heimdall.

Although I am pretty certain this game was not limited to the DOS PC, it was one I can personally vouch for and say I played and enjoyed – on PC.

I want to talk more about Heimdall 1.

In this game, you assume the role of the Viking Chieftain ( Heimdall ). You gather a motley crew of warriors, wizards, and navigators to sail through Norse and mortal realms in pursuit of godly weapons.

Speaking objectively, you control Heimdall and walk around some beautiful 16-bit isometric environments, fighting beasts, evading traps, and keeping your crew alive.

Some of the stand-out moments from memory, were the axe throw challenge, the pig chase, and having to battle your way up and down a longship. Scoring better in these trials allowed you to build a better crew for your adventures. I can recall it being rare for me to beat all of the challenges in one go.

Heimdall 2 was visually quirkier but lacked some of the edge and depth of Heimdall 1.

If you love retro Viking games, you need to find a way to play these.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark : The Arcade Game

MS-DOS era PC games that time forgot. I can’t leave this bit of fantasy gaming kitsch to the forgotten realm! Or can I?

Camp galore!

I can only recall playing this side-scrolling platformer a couple of times as a child. Not appreciating the ‘true appeal’ of the game with my younger male eyes. I can recall the cover of the game more than the game itself.

An eye-catching fantasy campy box in the golden age of big PC boxes. Why not add this kitsch game to the list of PC games that time forgot?


Has time forgotten this game? I don’t think it has, and I certainly haven’t.

In the game Gobliiins, you controlled 2 characters, and like other point-and-click games at the time, you had to interact with 2D environments and solve puzzles.

Again, it is another game that deserves a nod and should be remembered…

You may also find this article interesting – are point-and-click games dead?

Red Baron

This MS-DOS era game I ‘nearly’ forgot.

I struggled for hours to remember the name of this game… but I will never forget its telephonic-blippy music blaring out from the old Sound Blasters on the 486 Commuter.

In hindsight, this game was pioneering for an early 3d combat simulator. I recall using a ‘flight stick’ to fly / crash my plane.


This game was awesome and even to this day is still highly playable. This game certainly deserves a place in the gaming hall of fame for PC.

To play this game you needed quick fingers and quick reflexes to trap your enemy. For reference, I have added a screengrab of Volfied here.

volfied level one gameplay -retro gaming
Designer : Fukio Mitsuji, distributed by Taito – 1989.

That concludes MS-DOS era games that time forgot

Hopefully, this little post will jog your memory when coming to remember some of these old-school retro classic games of the DOS era.

Some of these games may very well have landed in the era of the golden age of PC gaming. But as a reader, I shall leave that opinion down to you.

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