Did MS-DOS have games? Nostalgia

MS-DOS was what paved the way for many millennial PC gamers and their love of PC games. MS-DOS was what many would regard as a golden age for games. Some would regard those PC games as genre-defining. And what laid the foundation for modern game genres. Be it an FPS shooter, a graphic adventure, a flight simulator, or early RPG gaming, and many more.

I can personally vouch for how inspirational some of those humble games were. Those games released back in the early 90s, with their sprites and crude 3D graphics, weren’t just genre defining games. They were games that inspired my childhood and helped me and my family bond. Based on my first-hand childhood experience, I can still remember typing in games I wanted to play into the command prompt.

I can also recall pinning to play X-wing with my older brothers but I was the youngest – and a lot smaller, and never got a look in.

I have fond memories of my Dad’s mushroom/beige 486 PC and floppy disks. I can recall typing commands such as Win, Dir, and cd.. Heimdall, Volfied, X-Wing perhaps that was my very first foray into programming.

I can also still remember the excitement at seeing those packaging boxes for the games. They were elaborately designed and illustrated and full of floppy disks.

History and nostalgia.

Did MS-DOS have games? - Floppy Disk

Did MS-dos have games?

There were many games that were created for MS-DOS, it was a golden age for computer games. MS-DOS came with a wide selection of games to choose from if your finances would allow it. In order to play a game on an MS-DOS or an MS-DOS PC, it would be a case of owning or buying that game. Many of those MS-DOS games came on a 3 half-inch floppy disk.

MS-DOS did have games, it had many. It was a case that you would have to buy the games separately. This excludes any games that may have already been pre-installed on your computer. Once installed, you could then run and play your games.

In order to play the MS-DOS games, typically you would have installed it on your PC either with a single or multiple floppy disks. ( Some games required multiple disks due to their larger size. ) Once installed, in order to access the game via the command prompt in MS-DOS. You would have typed in the abbreviated game name and hit ‘enter’.

Did MS-DOS have games you could play – running a game

As a further live example of playing MS-DOS games. Once your PC had started up and MS-DOS loads. You would see the black MS-DOS screen – the command prompt. You would type in the game you wanted to play – having already installed it onto the directory. And then press enter. The game would then launch.

Did MS-DOS have a lot of games?

MS-DOS had a lot of games you could purchase and buy. In the era of MS-DOS, It had a diverse range of computer games. Some of these classic games that you could play were both 2D and early 3D.

This is a short summary of some of those MS-DOS games you could play:-

  • X-Wing
  • Heimdall
  • Heimdall 2
  • PGA Golf
  • Lure of the Temptress
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ( Classic )
  • Legends of Valour
  • Curse of Monkey Island
  • Myst
  • Wolfenstein 3D

To name a handful of MS-DOS games.

Were any games included with MS-DOS?

There were games included with the original MS-DOS. It may come as a surprise to many, but MS-DOS did, intact come with games you could play. These games were called: Nibbles and Gorillas. Nibbles show similarities to a game that was known as ‘Snake’ on the classic Nokia phone. Nibbles or NIBBLES.BAS , was a game that was included with MS-DOS.

Gorillas or Gorillas.BAS was a turn-based artillery game where 2 giant Gorillas had to heave giant explosive bananas across the skyline. Both of these games were rolled out and packaged for free as part of MS-DOS.

Did MS-dos have games | Firsthand Account

When I set about answering from my first-hand experience Did MS-DOS have games? It sent me straight back to my childhood and all the games that I and my siblings ( and Dad ) would play. Fond memories from a golden age of experimental games.

Did MS-DOS have games? – It did, I was there. Hailing from 1992.

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