15 Awesome Retro Computer Game Fonts

Looking for retro computer game fonts?

Well, look no further!

I have trawled through various font libraries and websites to find some classic-looking retro computer game fonts to get your fill of nostalgia. Hopefully, this list I have compiled together will get you in the mood.

Bitmap fonts, 8-bit styled fonts, pixel fonts, gothic pixel fonts, and prompt fonts! There is a variety of retro computer game fonts out there.

Having a design background, I would like to think I have some sort of an eye for finding half-decent computer game fonts. At least that is what I like to tell myself…

And ‘fair’ retro game lover, I think I will be able to point and say “Yes, that one!” to a font that shouts “I belong in an old computer game.”

Retro Computer Game Fonts

Whether you want to peruse nostalgic fonts as an avid retro typeface nerd.

Or an indie game maker on the hunt for that font for your 8-bit title!

Or a graphic designer who is working on a project that is in dire need of a retro game font!

Hopefully, this compilation of retro fonts will excite you enough to transport you straight back to the 1980’s or 1990’s in no time! Pac-Man, Street-fighter, and Space Invaders await. Now, let’s press start.

I would also add that I have taken the time to add a short description, a visual representation of the font, and a note of where you can find them.

I have also taken the time to curate the free ‘only’ retro game fonts. But do check before downloading.

Onto the retro computer game fonts!

Retro Computer Game Font | 15 Awesome Fonts List

Ik - The Game Gunk Mascot

VCR OSD Mono ( Da Font )

Retro Computer Game Fonts - VCR Mono

A great-looking font I found. Would make a good all-rounder and not just in games. Found on Da Font.

Upheaval ( Da Font )

Upheaval Font example

A heavy-weight retro computer game font for the mix. Well suited for titles and headings.

Pixeled ( Da Font )

Retro Computer Game Fonts - pixeled

Pixeled was another retro font that caught my eye. Slightly wacky but still well-balanced and suitable for the right title and type of game. I could picture this in one of my favourite point and click games.

8 Bit Arcade ( Da Font )

8 Bit font and typeface

This font screams old school. I can imagine it on a cute platformer or something along those lines.

Perfect DOS VGA 437 ( Da Font )

Retro Computer Game Fonts - DOS VGA

Now this one fires of memories. It looks like something you would see in a DOS game. Make a great font too if you are looking for style fonts to design your computer game website.

Alagard ( Da Font )

Alagard - Retro Computer Game Fonts - nostagia

I could picture this in a retro quest or adventure game from the early 1990s. Love it.

Gothic Pixel ( Da Font )

Gothic Pixel typeface

An unusual retro computer game font. Light and airy, Gothic pixel may be perfect for a weird adventure game.

EAS VHS ( Da Font )

Retro Computer Game Fonts EAS VHS

This one needs to be earmarked for the future. A very slick font not just for games but for VHS or the old Commodore or Amstrad types of cassette tapes.

Windows Command Prompt ( Da Font )

Windows Font

Windows, or Command Prompt, or DOS was iconic. This font looks like a near match or at least inspired by it.

Retro Computer Game Font – Google Fonts


Retro Computer Game Fonts VT323

New section, more retro game fonts! This is one of the first I found on Google Fonts.

Pixelify Sans

Retro Google Font

Pixelify San is another strong contender for the retro video game font title.

Rubik Pixels

Retro Computer Game Fonts - decorative

A highly decorative retro font that could suit a variety of video game projects. “Rubik Pixels” is one of the fussier fonts on this list with a lot of character. It is also arguably more interesting to look at close-up.

Retro game font from 1001 fonts –

Blox BRK font

Retro Computer Game Fonts

I used this font in the heading of this blog post. a great title case font perhaps and that catches both old-school game vibes with newer qualities too.

Bonus Font From Da Font – Press Start

PRESS Start Font - Retro Computer Game Fonts

Well, one last font for good measure from Da Font, start as we meant to go on. Apparently, this is the same font above with 2 different styles. Worth noting!

*Remember, not all fonts are free, and some are for personal use only. Always check their terms of use.

Font Sources | 3rd Party Websites

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