Do you need a website to host your own game?

If you are an indie game developer or somebody who’s trying to make their own computer game, you may be wondering whether you need a website to host your own game.

In order to have your game played by the general public, you do not need a website to host your own computer game. If you are hoping to obtain as many sales as possible or create a commercial venture with your indie game, you’re better off putting your game on exchanges such as Steam, GOG, or in order to get the most amount of players to see and play and your game.

Hosting your own game can be can be useful.

However, hosting your game on your own website offers total control over your gaming experience to your end user. But it is not mandatory or advisable just to have your game hosted on your own website. Unless you have lofty expectations to create your own platform such as Steam or GOG.

It’s not compulsory to host your own game on your own website. But there are various reasons why you may wish to do so.

It is also useful to consider how you want to commercialise ( or not commercialise ) your game as to whether you want to host a game on your own website or not too.

Do you need a website to host your own game?

Here are some more circumstantial pieces of information to consider if you want to host your own web game on your website.

Do you need a website to host your own game? | Things to consider

When considering whether you need a website to host your own game, there may be certain circumstances when doing so may be best suited for your needs.

For example.

Hosting your own game offers complete control

Although it isn’t essential to host your own game, hosting your own game can enable complete control over how the game is distributed. It gives the game developer greater control over its visibility and distribution.

Bearing in mind that publishing your game to your own website may not offer the same level of traffic that bigger platforms can.

Your website can be a platform to market your game

A website is not an essential need to host your own game, but it is still useful for marketing. A professional website can make you look like a serious game developer as opposed to a hobbyist.

Hosting a game on your own website, in conjunction with compelling content, can be great for marketing too.

There is a post here – promoting your game for some juicy ideas.

With your own website – you should take this opportunity to place reviews and images from your game on it to excite any would-be players.

The disadvantage of hosting your own game, on your own website – *only

As mentioned above, having a website can be great for enabling control over how your game is distributed or portrayed. Having a website for your own game can also be great for branding and marketing too. But for most, do not expect your website to encourage thousands of downloads or sales. Especially if you are an independent creator.

When answering: Do you need a website to host your own game? Not a platform to distribute your game.

Most people prefer to download games and executable files from established sources. Not small independent websites.

Do you need a website to host your own game? Don’t ‘only’ use your website

Although not essential to the publishing of your game if you are a hobbyist. Your website is still important to the entirety of your brand and building a buzz for your game!

But, don’t just leave it there.

Whether it be for publishing your game or marketing. Taking an omni-channel approach to get your indie game out there is important for any would-be start-up. There are numerous platforms for example to publish your Unity game. Look for social media channels, events etc, etc.

Consider other ways to promote your game.

Use your website and whatever else is at your disposal to get people playing your game. Including your website.

Do you need a website to host your own game or create and run a multi-player server?

For those with ambitions to host a multi-player server for your game, you may need to own your server to do so.

However, It should also be noted that running such a website and hosting it along with your own game, is not for the faint-hearted. Many indie developers would sooner opt for ‘ready to use’ providers for hosting their games.

Do you need a website to host your own game | What I think, my experiences

The need for a website to host your own game… or do you need a website for hosting a game?

Consider this when to publishing your own game, How do you want the player to experience your game? And potentially perceive you as a business, if you in fact a business or a start-up.

Leave it solely to your website to market and distribute your game – may end in a low amount of downloads. Especially if you are a start-up with a new game and a small website. People do not like to download games from an unknown source, myself included. I have also placed games and apps on micro-sites. The downloads were minimal. Presumably as they were not certified or valid sources. Neither did these ‘unknown’ websites have the trust value of the App stores or likes of Steam!

Using platforms that are designed to host games with an active community may equate to more people playing your game. However, these are crowded spaces.

Using both your own website to market and publish your game alongside using a portal to promote your game is arguably a better approach.

Is there a need for a website to host your own game? Not to begin with, but perhaps later on if you feel it will benefit the player or you as a business.

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