No code game engines – gaming engines that don’t use coding!

Don’t want to use code to create a game?

Or don’t know how to code?

Or have any desire to learn to code?

There are plenty of reasons why you may wish to use gaming engines that don’t use coding.

This is a list of “no code game engines”, or gaming engines that don’t use coding. Yes, – you can use these no-code engines to create a computer game.

To use these engines, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of coding. All you will need is the required hardware and software.

These gaming engines are ideal for beginners and experienced developers who wish to rapid-prototype a game concept.

Below is a list of gaming engines that don’t use coding.

Game pad - gaming engines that don't use coding

List of gaming engines that don’t use coding | Software Suggestions :


Stencyl uses a drag-and-drop editor in order to create game logic. Stencyl works in a similar way to other no-code gaming engines. In order to create your game logic you have to put together blocks of logic and assign it to your game objects. These blocks, write the code for you. Stencyl is a pure, no-code 2D game engine.

Stencyl code block example


Scratch is an excellent no-code game engine for beginners. Complete novices in indie game development can use Scratch in their browser to create basic 2D games and slide shows. Scratch is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Game Salad

Game Salad is another game development tool that enables you to create 2D games without coding. This piece of software uses a drag-and-drop system to develop game mechanics. In order to use Game Salad, you need to have an account to download it.


Construct 3 is a powerful 2D ( and 3D ) game engine that does not require coding knowledge to create games. Construct 3 can be used from either your browser or desktop.

To create the game logic, you can either use visual scripting or program your game in Javascript. Both options are available.

But Construct3 prides itself primarily as an engine you can use without coding knowledge.

Build box

Build box is a drag-and-drop engine that can create games in both 2D and 3D without needing to code.


Gdevelop is another game engine that uses a visual editor to create code blocks. As with all other pieces of game-making software on this list. No coding skill is required to create and publish your game. With Gdevelop you can also build and preview your game straight from your browser.

RPG maker

RPG maker is a specialised game engine dedicated to making 2D RPG adventure games. Like the other engines mentioned on this list, you do not need to know how to code to use it. RPG maker states that for it’s easy enough for a child but sophisticated enough for a developer to use. Paraphrased!

App Game Kit

App Game Kit is a game development tool that combines drag-and-drop scripting with source code programming. This hybrid approach makes it easier for those without coding skills to develop games. Especially for mobile devices.

Unity with ‘Visual Scripting’

Unity comes with ready-to-use tools in the editor ( for newer versions ) that allow for visual scripting. Although ‘Visual Scripting’ allows a game developer to create apps and games in Unity, ‘coding’ in Unity allows you to create more complex apps and games.

No Scripting Unity Assets

Unity comes with a wealth of assets such as Adventure Creator where you can develop an indie game without being able to code. The integrated visual scripting in Unity is called Bolt.

Unreal – No Coding – Blue Prints

Although Unity and Unreal are some of the more sophisticated pieces of game creation software, do not let this put you off. Unreal for example, comes with Blueprints that allows game developers to visually code their games. Construct their game logic with blocks in other words.

Gaming engines that don’t use coding

Getting into indie game development need not be difficult. As shown in the list above you can see there is a whole selection of game engines and platforms you can use which do not require coding to get started. If you are using Unity Software, you mind this topic helpful – beginner assets.

Or you may want to know if it is possible to make a 2D video game without being able to code.

There is a whole range of gaming engines that don’t use coding! Make sure to select the one that suits your needs and capability.

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