Can you still play MS-DOS games online? …

You would be forgiven for believing that dos games ( MS-DOS ) can no longer be played unless you have an emulator – let alone be played online. Or whether old PCs came with games.

Today, we dive into the murky waters of the Internet to look for various locations where you can play DOS games online from your browser.

You don’t need to use emulators or buy the original game in its box. Neither will you need a PC with MS-DOS. All you will need to play these dos games online is a PC or laptop and a web browser.

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Can you still play MS-DOS games online?

It is still possible to play MS-DOS games online through your browser. You do not need to download additional software or emulators to play MS-DOS games online. You can, If you want to play DOS games such as Classic Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or any other nostalgic title do so on various websites and DOS game repositories.

You can still play your classic MS-DOS games via your browser.

However, it should be noted. Although you can still play DOS games through your browser, it may not offer a clean gaming experience. Known issues that can arise from playing MS-DOS games through your browser are:-

  • Issues with sound quality
  • No sound at all
  • Lagging gameplay
  • Dependency on Internet connection
  • Reliance on 3rd party website security
  • A less authentic gaming experience

Below is a list of MS-DOS repositories and websites where you can still play DOS games.

List platforms where you can play DOS games online

No additional software is required with the platforms mentioned in this post.

Classic Reload

Classic Reload has a large database of classic MS-Dos games that you can play through your browser. Classic Reload games are all browser-based only, you don’t need to download anything or run any emulators on your PC. You select the title you want to play and wait for the game to load and play.

DOS Games Archive

Dos Games Archive is a gigantic database full of MS-DOS games. With Dos Games Archive you can also search the database for specific games using the filter system. The games on DOS Games Archive are a mixture of games you can play through your browser and ones you can download.

You can play classic MS-DOS games through the website Some of the opening titles that I saw in the MS-DOS section was Wolfenstein 3D – which I played in my own laptop browser. I can vouch and say that it works well enough, although the sound quality left much to be desired compared to playing the original Wolfenstein. That could just be my internal speaker’s mind.


PlayDOgames is another website that allows you to play dos games through your browser. You do not need any additional equipment, piece of software, or downloaded emulators in order to use the games on this website. Just like the others mentioned on this list, you just need an open browser and a mouse.

Long live dos games

Knowing that you can still play dos games online. For the MS-ODS purists, you may be interested in knowing where you can download and play MS-DOS games for free.

Long live DOS games.

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