Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?
Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?

Adventure Creator is a powerful set of tools for making 2D adventure games.

With Adventure Creator, you can create full 2D, 2.5D, or full 3D Adventure Games either from scratch or by using the sample demos as leverage to create the game vision you desire.

AC, or Adventure Creator, enables indie developers to create visually compelling and excellent 2D games without needing to code. In other words, Adventure Creator is great for creating 2D games! With a wealth of resources and information available online, Adventure Creator can open doors to indie game developers with a passion for making striking 2D games.

The quality 2D games made in Adventure Creator can easily match the standard of the classic adventure games such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, and Lure of the Temptress If used by a skilled game developer. Unfettered by the graphical restrictions of earlier 2D adventure games in the past, Adventure Creator can create good 2D games.

With Adventure Creator, you can make first-person 2D games, side-on- 2D games with characters and NPC’s and 2.5D games too. And for the skilled Unity developers, there is nothing stopping you from tailoring AC ( Adventure Creator ) to suit your 2D adventure needs. Your 2D characters can move on an 8 or 4-direction axis, talk, look, and interact all in 2D.

Adventure Creator is awesome for 2D games and should be considered if you are thinking of creating a 2D adventure game.

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?
Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games? My sample 2D game
Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games AC menu

At least, in my opinion, I have tried and tested Adventure Creator for my 2D projects. I thought it was good!

Here is a bit more as to why Adventure Creator is good for 2D games.


Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games: Developer Opinion

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?

When I downloaded and installed Adventure Creator for my 2D project, I was not disappointed. Using Adventure Creator, I was able to make a functioning 2D adventure game. I followed the main YouTube tutorial video from start to finish, which set me on track with making my 2D adventure game. I realised early on after a couple of failed attempts with other software, that Adventure Creator would enable me to enact my vision.

When I added the Adventure Creator assets to my Unity project, I underestimated just how efficient it would be for creating my 2D game. It not only made the process of learning how to make a 2D adventure game easier but also provided a framework to work from with a range of features I had yet to even consider.

Adventure creator makes the whole process of making a 2D adventure game seamless and streamlined. From the pre-built inventory systems to the pre-built in-game menu systems. AC is very good for 2D games and adventure titles especially. You can also use the wizard for making NPC’s, utilise the simplified UI and menu systems, and also use a host of integrated tools for your 2D adventure game.

Adventure Creator is more than worthwhile for creating 2D adventure games. More so if you don’t know how to code in Csharp in Unity. ( I have some experience with Csharp ( C# ), but I would avoid calling myself an expert. )

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games? Reasons Why it is good

This is a list of features and perks that make Adventure Creator a worthy asset and a good tool for making 2D games.

  • It behaves like a game engine…. within a game engine.
  • It is ‘beginner/intermediate’ developer-friendly.
  • No coding is required to make Adventure Creator work.
  • Adventure Creator’s workflow is geared to either 3D or 2D.
  • AC comes with a wealth of tutorials to help you create your 2D Adventure Game.
  • The AC website comes with additional downloads and supplementary assets that allow you to extend or completely alter the functionality and logic of your 2D game inside Unity.
  • If you are a 2D designer with no prior coding experience AC has all the tools to enable you to create a game.
  • Adventure Creator comes equipped with 2D primers and demos to set you on your path to making a 2D game.
  • It also comes with a whole wealth of tutorials in the form of websites, forum help, and YouTube videos.

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games? The Engine Within An Engine

Adventure Creator is great for making 2D games, at least that is my opinion.

If I was to summarise as to whether AC is good for making 2D games, I would put it like this.

Adventure Creator takes all the great features that make Unity great for 2D games and concentrates this strength on making 2D Adventure Games. These Adventure games can either work in 2D or 3D. AC is complex enough to create an engaging 2D game while being intuitive to use for game developers with a basic understanding of Unity and game logic.

I’ve used Adventure Creator myself to make this indie game here which can be seen and played on itch.ioOpens in a new tab..

I made this 2D game in lockdowns so I could learn how to use Adventure Creator.

My minigame is a whole 3 levels that uses 2D assets, 2D game components, and 2D animation, all put together in Adventure Creator.

Adventure Creator is great for making 2D games.

Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games?
Is Adventure Creator good for 2D games? – My game test, this can beOpens in a new tab. played for free on

Helpful solutions to making a 2D game

If you are considering making a 2D adventure game you should consider AC. It should be noted that it can work with other assets from the Unity store too.

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