Are Old Computer Games Worth Anything?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with retro gaming, old games, or nostalgic gaming in general, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise.

Old computer games can be worth a very significant sum of money. if they are kept in their original sealed state and ( are in near) perfect condition. Computer games such as Super Mario Brothers from the early 1980s can be valuable if the game is like-new, certified and sold through a specialist auctioneer that deals with collectible computer games.

There is an example of an old Super Mario Brothers computer game fetching a hefty sum. This number is in excess of £1.5 million at auction!

And this game isn’t unique in this situation either.

It is also a common consensus that the true value does not lie in the game consoles or the old PCs themselves, but actually in the games that were played on a PC Or console. Old computer games can carry significant worth, so don’t throw your old computer games away!

In parallel, very few old games are worth in excess of 1.6 million. So don’t build your hopes too high – sorry!

Yes, old computer games can be worth an awful lot of money if you are lucky enough to own an original unopened game. And that some collectors are willing to pay a large amount of money. But a significant amount of old computer games aren’t worth large sums of money. Especially if they are in poor condition, broken or damaged.

If you have a loft or an attic filled with old games. Don’t through these old computer games away! There is a chance they could be worth something and valuable to the right collector.

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Are old computer games worth anything? | Typical values

Certain old computer games can indeed be of high value.

For the 1 rare, unusual, and perfect condition old computer game that earns a high-value bid, there are 10,000s or more that fall well below the £20 mark.

It doesn’t take long, even with a quick search online, or by visiting your local second-hand game shop to see that there are more cheap old games than high-value ones. Your £10 – £30 retro game may be more typical in value.


There are rare old computer games that can reach bids in the regions of £100,000 or even £1000,000. These special sums are not typical of all old games sadly, and only certain conditions will lead to high bids and sales. ( Source, general research : Heritage AuctionsOpens in a new tab. )

But knowing this… it makes you want to raid the parents’ attic.

When scouting general values of high-end old games, I found a couple of auction houses that came up in the UK.

One auctioneer that caught my eye, was Wessex Auction House. 2 of their specialisms cover collectibles and toys, and in that subcategory – retro gaming.

One example listing was that of a complete Sega Mega Drive with a bundle of boxed games. This sold for around the £850 mark.

Other auctioneers are selling games on average in the region of £200 – £300.

Some of the most valuable computer games and games systems are Nintendo and the Sega Megadrive. With old game sagas such as Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers being some of the most sought-after and valuable when listed through specialist platforms and companies.

Where you buy and sell collectible games will also increase or decrease an old game’s value.

Many of the most high-value games came on the Nintendo. But, that is not to say that other consoles and computer games are of less value strictly speaking.

It would appear that people still like old computer games.

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Examples of Valuable Old Computer Games

Are old computer games worth anything? According to what I found… some of them certainly are. It should be noted that the value of other old computer games should not be limited to this list. Keep an eye on your old computer games.

Valuable old computer games ( & series ) of note – 2024:-

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Resident Evil
  • Final Fantasy
  • Contra
  • Ultima Series
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

Based on research from more prestigious auction sites. The games mentioned above are some of the most valuable on the market, at the time of writing this post anyway.

Conditions that may increase or decrease the value of old computer games

Old computer games are generally worth ‘something’ if they work.

It also comes down to a variety of factors that will either increase or decrease the value of a computer game.

Below are some of those key points and conditions to take into consideration.


The age of a computer game can have a significant factor in increasing or decreasing its value. However, it should be noted that age alone is not enough to make something valuable.


If you’re wondering whether you have a valuable old computer game, you need to be candid with yourself about its condition. A game disc or cassette that is damaged or scratched for example will greatly impact the value of an old computer game.

This will also count for any other items that came with the game such as the booklet, a jewel case, sleeve. The closer to factory new the better.


Don’t forget the packaging. As above, the condition of the packaging is important. If the game still has its original packaging this can increase the value. Even better if it is still shrink-wrapped and in perfect condition, without marks, damage, or discolouration.

Being Sought After

It should be noted that some people believe that old games were better, and still do. Nostalgia is a huge factor in retro gaming and collectible computer games. A desirable old game is much more likely to increase its value.

If an old game was desirable back in the day, fans of retro gaming may still want the game now.

On the other hand, what might have been crap then was crap now.

A rare old computer game

A rare computer game will certainly increase its monetary value – even more if it is sought after. If you are the only person to possess a one-of-a-kind computer game on the market, you may consider seeking specialist sales platforms or auctioneers to sell your collectible game.

They are much more likely to know if your old computer games are worth anything.

Where they are sold

Be careful not to undersell a valuable item, consider doing your research before listing anything. Not all platforms have the correct audience and not all platforms are equal when it comes to selling your game.

Wata Grading

Old computer games are certainly worth something if they have a good Wata grading. The higher the ‘WATA’ grading of your old game, the more value it is likely to hold.

Are Old Computer Games Worth Anything | Information and sources

The information and sources have been collected together from first-hand research by exploring articles, posts, and shops. I have sold a few older games myself, but nothing in the region of some of the big-selling collectible games.

Some sources of note ( credits ) : Heritage Auctions, Wessex Auction House, eBay, CEX, and other online sources.

WATA information

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