Do Gamers Play 2D Games? – 2023 Beyond

Do gamers play 2D games? As subjective as this question may be, I do feel that there is a better answer than ‘it depends’.

With some basic research and the powers of observation, there is a fairly definitive answer to whether gamers play 2D games.

Do Gamers Play 2D Games?
Do Gamers Play 2D Games?

Based on first-hand experience, research, online data, and attending conventions, it is fair to say that gamers do play 2D games. In addition to retro 2D games, gamers are playing new and old 2D games on PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and tablet. Gamers are also playing 2D games on consoles alongside 3D games. 2D games are being played and enjoyed by gamers with an active and bustling community enjoying both old and new releases. Love for 2D gaming is still going strong.

However, with the emergence of 3D games – based on data and what I have witnessed over the past 30+ years, 2D games no longer take the full share of the market. 2D games are still popular on certain platforms and genres. But not everybody likes 2D games.

Whether gamers do play 2D games can be a broad and extensive topic in which you could explore numerous areas of data such as retro games, browser games to new indie games. These are all busy gaming communities with a large volume of 2D gamers and data. Sadly, some of that in-depth data is hard to reach. People are playing 2D games… how much is a mystery. The stats for such a wide area are dark, vast, detailed, and spread thinly across multiple faucets. It would be hard to pinpoint without drawing various pools of data.

Among Us had over 550,000 positive reviews on Steam at the time of writing this.

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If, however, you would like to know more as to whether gamers do play 2D games, then please read on. I go into a bit more depth in this post i why I believe gamers are still playing 2D games.

Or you may wish to jump straight to data and research.

Do Gamers Play 2D Games? Initial Research

When researching whether gamers play 2D games, I quickly realised this subject could cover a vast area with many caveats.

Here is why.

2D games are a vast subject matter which can be broken down into smaller categories. From varying devices, retro games. Mobile etc. 2D gaming straddles multiple platforms, devices, and sub-genres.

The topic Itself is gargantuan. Here are some variables and categories when it comes to 2D gaming.

The size of 2D gaming :-

  • There are various 2D gaming platforms.
  • 2D retro gaming also falls under this category.
  • Steam downloads.
  • Gaming on Smartphones and tablets.
  • Playing browser games.
  • 2D gaming on consoles.
  • Other handheld 2D gaming devices.
  • Game downloads are not the same as playing games.

These are just some of the variables to take into account when considering if gamers play 2D games.

2D gaming is a vast area of gameplay | The caveats

The bullet points above may help you to understand the size of the question involved – big! 2D gaming covers a broad area, so tying down the answer with pinpoint precision is tough, but the general answer is yes – gamers do play 2D games.

But there are caveats too which both omit and distort the full answer.

The wider topic of 2D gaming, could easily broken down into a series of smaller questions. When addressing the question of whether gamers play 2D games.

Here are example modifiers that both add to and distort the answer when considering do gamers play 2D games!

The distortion…

  • I would add that the majority web/browsers games are 2D.
  • Retro gaming covers both 3D and 2D ( data may not be precise in discerning the 2 ).
  • But, a vast area of retro gaming is 2D.
  • 2D games can be played on many platforms. All data would be tricky to collect.
  • Mobile gaming is popular, Tablet gaming should also fall under this category.
  • *Data, stats, and downloads may not strictly equate to the full gameplay of 2D games.
  • Purchasing 2D games may not equate to gameplay either.

With a certain degree of confidence, and based on homework, I would say at the time of writing this in October 2023. Gamers play 2D games, or at least so it appears, across a range of platforms. But the clarity is murky as to what degree and and what platform.

Do Gamers Play 2D Games? – Research

Here are some other basic reasons that both suggest and acknowledge that gamers are playing 2D games. This ranges from search data and reviews of 2D games on popular platforms.


2D games is still a subject that is searched for through Google. Although it has decreased since the early 2000s, again picked up around the lockdown.

Similar can be said for ‘Play 2D games’ ( paraphrased ). Both of these terms prove according to Google that people are looking for 2D games.

2D games are being played at conventions

Whether it’s a convention in Brighton or a convention in London, I have witnessed plenty of gamers playing 2D games. For example, at EGX 2023, there was an entire section of the hall that was dedicated to indie creators. Many of the games were 2D. These games were also being played by the general public!

EGX also had a whole section for retro gaming. ( Hurrah to Monkey Island )

I know actual humans that play 2D games

I have friends that play 2D games. Whether it is on Sony PlayStation, PC, or mobile. Although I am not an avid mobile gamer, I too have played 2D games on my mobile.

I also know for a fact that my friend’s son still plays 2D games on his tablet and his Nintendo Switch.

Do gamers play 2D games!? … They’re playing retro

Not all, but many retro games that were on the Commodore 64 or the Amiga were 2D. The same can be said for many of the older gaming consoles too.

With many older titles being 2D and retro gaming having a fan base. You can assume that 2D comes under a part of 2D retro gaming. You can read more on whether retro games are being played.

Phone & Tablet gaming? Do gamers play 2D games on those?

Candy Crush Saga on the Google Play store is one of the most popular and most downloaded 2D games on the market.

Another example is Among Us. Among Us is a vibrant and popular 2D game. 2D games on mobile devices can be very popular.

2D games are being played Steam &

Steam has a big inventory of playable 2D games. But having a large inventory isn’t proof of these games being played. The same can be said for games on

However, let’s look a little closer.

Among Us ( again ) is a popular 2D game on Steam with a large volume of downloads and positive reviews. Gamers are both downloading this game – which is 2D, and they are apparently enjoying it. Playing it.

Among Us had over 550,000 positive reviews on Steam at the time of writing this. And that is coming from Steam!

As for – Under New & Popular and 2D games there are over 211,312 results. Skematik Squadron is the most popular 2D game. 2D gaming is certainly busy.

Gamers playing 2D games… the general impression

2D gaming is still alive and kicking, especially in the indie spheres and mobile gaming areas. Although, it is not all love for the 2D genre. Some gamers are quick to condemn a 2D game as a medium. Preferring the immersion that a 3D game can offer.

Haters are going to hate. For your few 2D haters, there are probably twice as many lovers. These 2D gamers are being propped up by a mixture of nostalgia and the indie sphere most likely.

The takeaway.
Gamers are still playing 2D games. For now at least.

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