Should I Publish to Flash Player?

If you’re considering whether you should publish to Flash Player – please read!

There is both a long and short answer to whether you should publish to Flash Player.

The short answer.

Adobe Flash Player, which was used to play ‘flash content’ is no longer supported by Adobe. Flash Player and all of its functionality has been replaced by superior web technologies that bypass many of the common risks and issues that came with Flash Player. Experts would recommend not installing Flash Player or publishing your game to Flash Player due to its lack of support, weaker distribution and it’s known security issues. I myself have stopped using Flash Player for the end product.

Furthermore, many IT experts would go as far as suggest to uninstall Flash Player, this is also recommended by Adobe. With the knowledge that Flash Player is now on fewer PCs and has known security issues, I would not recommend publishing to Flash Player.

Should I Publish to Flash Player?
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It should also be noted that there is a difference between publishing from Flash, vs publishing to Flash Player. One doesn’t really exist, but that is another topic!

Here is an elaborate answer as to why you should potentially avoid using Flash Player to distribute your game content.

This post has not been written with the sole purpose of bashing Flash… Just Flash player!

“why make a game that few or nobody can play?”

Should I publish to Flash Player? The Common Consensus

As a majority answer, you should consider publishing to more modern web technologies instead of Flash Player. It is common advice from any reputable web developer or indie game designer, that you should now avoid publishing to Flash Player. Flash Player has been superseded by a variety of superior web technologies that are more accessible and much more secure.

With the advancement of other web technologies to play games, those that previously published to Flash Player, now use alternative software. One such example is HTML5 ( HTML5 Canvas ).

From a personal standpoint, even in its glory days, Flash Player was always known to have issues.

Some of the most prevalent issues with Flash Player were its security, displaying Flash content correctly with regular updates being required by the user and poor integrations on smartphones.

Those that used Flash Player before now may favour HTML5 or alternative software for making 2D games.

Why you shouldn’t publish to Flash Player anymore

There are various reasons listed below as to ‘why you shouldn’t publish the Flash Player anymore’. Aside from the fact that bigger and better technologies have now come along and trumped the long-ailing Flash Player. It had a list of problems that made it a less viable option for publishing games.

“I would avoid it like the plague.”

No Longer Supported

Flash Player is no longer supported by Adobe Animate. With this lack of support, there will be no more safe or consistent updates.

Better Alternatives

Flash player is an obsolete web technology. With a range of other compatible and superior web technologies on the market. These should be considered instead of Flash Player.

Riddled With Security Issues

It is well known among those who used Flash Player for their game projects, that it was riddled with security issues. One of the easiest ways to solve this issue was by removing Flash Player.

Perhaps this reminds me of the old saying – “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”

with this hard-line approach to removing Flash due to its vulnerabilities, sadly many people could no longer play their Flash games without Flash Player.

However you look at it, Flash Player, by and large, was phased out due to its reputation with security… among other reasons. This is another thing to consider if you are wondering if you should publish to Flash Player.

The .SWF Is Dated / Archaic

You may have your own personal or professional reasons as to why you’d want to use Flash Player for your project in 2023 and beyond. However, Flash Player – for the humble SWF, is a dated format to publish your game.

One of the most basic being, that the plugin that plays SWFs – e.g. Flash Player, is no longer supported or widely distributed. Publishing to older formats can be risky for your gamers too!

My Personal Opinion – Would ‘I’ publish to Flash Player?

Should I Publish to Flash Player? My thoughts.

If somebody were to ask me on a personal level, Should I Publish to Flash Player for their game? I’d give them my professional and personal opinion.

My professional opinion.

Should I publish to Flash Player in 2023?

No, better technologies and better-supported technologies exist in which you can publish your game. I used to publish a lot of content to Flash Player, mostly mini-game projects.

I would have to ask myself now, why make a game that few or nobody can play? Unless I’ve missed something, Flash Player is old tech. With weak to non-existent support.

From a personal game creation perspective. I would avoid it like the plague.

There are newer and exciting engines to learn and use for 2D games.

Use Adobe animate to publish to alternative platforms such as HTML5, don’t bother with Flash Player!

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