Where to publish HTML5 games on the internet

Where to publish HTML5 games on the internet – so people can play your game! There is a difference between just putting your game on the internet to be seen and admired vs putting your game on the internet to be played!

If you are wondering where you can publish HTML5 games so they can be played and seen by a wider audience, then hopefully this post can help you in your search.

Where to publish your HTML5 game

You have created your indie game and carried out the various other stages of the creative process, now you need to find a place where to publish your HTML5 game so it can be played. Potentially to earn some extra money.

When considering where to publish your HTML5 game, there are various options available to you depending on the intent and purpose of your HTML5 game. You can publish your game to a variety of online game portals. You can also publish your HTML5 game to one or all of the native app stores, so your game can be played smartphone or tablet. And or you, can publish your HTML5 game to your own website.

Publishing to your own website so your HTML5 game can be played via the browser, allows you to retain near-total control over how the game is seen and played. But, hosting your own game can come with advantages and disadvantages. You may find this topic of hosting a game on your own website helpful.

For the detail on where to publish HTML5 games, read the short list below.

Where to publish HTML5 games | online game portals

One of the best ways of getting your HTML5 game published is through an online game portal. You can use Itch.io, Kongregate or Newgrounds to publish your HTML5 game.

Kongregate and Newgrounds used to be very popular for Flash games before Flash player was discontinued. Itch.io is a great portal to use if you also want to publish your HTML5 game for free to an active and lively game community. It is also great for indie developers.

Game portals can be one of the most advantageous places when it comes to where to publish your HTML5 game. These portals also have a large player base for maximum visibility for your game.

Primary game portals for where to publish your HTML5 game :

  • Itch.io
  • Newgrounds
  • Kongregate
  • GamePix
  • Game Distribution

Via your own website and host

Hosting your own game and website certainly comes with its own advantages. From retaining complete control to how your game is monetized, to how your game is displayed and experienced.

There is more on this subject matter here, do you need a website to host your own game?

When looking for places to publish HTML5 games, your own website and hosting are potentially worth considering. Although getting HTML5 games can take a bit of a ‘knack’ to get working on your own website if you are not a developer. Keep your options open though!

Through Smartphone App Stores | Google Play

If you wrap your HTML5 game in a shell, you can submit your game to platforms such as Google Play for Android. But remember, In order to submit your game, you will need to package the game so that it is a native Android app.

Through Smartphone App Stores – The App Store ( Apple )

As above when considering where to publish your HTML5 games. You can also consider publishing your game to the App Store. Again though, the game will need to be created so that it is a native app to IOS.

Cordova is an option that may allow you to create a native app for either platform with your HTML5 project.

GameDistribution is a platform where you can publish your HTML5 game!

‘GameDistribution’ is a platform dedicated to HTML5 games and HTML5 game monetisation. GameDistribution is a website that should be considered if you are looking for a platform to publish your HTML5 game. With the potential to monetise your game. ( who doesn’t want to earn some extra money from their game.)

Publish your HTML5 game to GamePix

GamePix is a reputable platform that allows you to upload and play HTML5 games. It has an active community of gamers that will enable you to submit games to be played in the browser.

Publish to Steam

Last but not least, you should consider Steam. However, it should be noted that some extensive ‘wrapping’ for your game may be involved to make your HTML5 game work. It still may be worth your while to go to the trouble as Steam has such a large market share of gamers.

If you have a professional and polished HTML5 game, then you could consider submitting it to Steam. Steam allows developers to sell their games to a large gaming audience. Steam is also one of the most popular gaming networks.

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