Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Battle Time!

So, which is better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Here comes a contest between 2 established applications used for making 2D games. But before deep diving into the pros and cons in this opinion-based deathmatch, there are some points that you may like to know about me first.

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?

At university, I was trained in using Flash and Action Script 2.0 ( before it was banished ) the predecessor to Adobe Animate. It is fair to say that I have spent more time with Flash & Animate than Stencyl.

To summarise the contest. Stencyl is the victor when deciding which is better for making games. Stencyl is user-friendly, beginner-friendly, and designed for making modern 2D games. Stencyl is also better for time efficiency compared to Adobe Animate. You can also reference blocks for the Stencylforge or Stencylpedia. Although it is easy to argue that Stencyl is the better piece of software to use for making games. Adobe Animate does have its own advantages for developing HTML5 games and web games.

But, all in all, in this opinion post, I have named Stencyl as the winner. Read on to see how it was scored.

( If you like using Adobe Animate and are competent in using the program, there is no harm in your continuation of using it. Just make games! )

Stencyl Verdict: Stencyl is better for beginners who just want to jump straight into making games.

Animate Verdict: Adobe Animate is good for those who can wield it, but it should be noted that Adobe Animate is not a dedicated game engine like Stencyl. The competition is not entirely equal ground to start with.

Stencyl vs Animate | The Match

When deciding which is the better application between either Stencyl or Adobe Animate. I took a step back and tried to detach my feelings from both programs, at least to a certain extent!

However, due to my long-standing relationship with Animate, ( slightly less now ) I also know when Animate is not up to the task for certain projects in my experience and opinion.

This is a fun contest between 2 worthy programs. I will be the judge and will allocate points to either piece of software.

Which is better Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Round 1…

Which Has Better Ease of Use?

Hands down, Stencyl is the easiest to use between the 2! By default, Stencyl uses a no-code behaviour system to create the working functionality of your game. The interface, the structure, the systems… For ease of use, I can gladly say that Stencyl wins this round.

Stencyl = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? 1 point

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate | Software Versatility

This was a very tight round when deciding which is better for versatility. Adobe Animate is good for making basic browser games in HTML5, but so can Stencyl. Animate can make motion graphics, animation, and browser games.

Stencyl is geared toward making a variety of 2D games.

I will say, due to how it is cross-genre and due to how long it has been around. Animate scrapes through with 1 point. In the right hands, I think developers can create interesting experiences. But a developer with Animate must be willing to peek inside and look at the nuts and bolts.

Coding In JavaScript of course! Not Action Script.

Animate = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? 1 point

Between Stencyl & Animate – The Learning Curve

Without a second thought, I would say for making indie games, Stencyl is much much more beginner-friendly. You can rustle up some simple 2D games if you wrap your head around the blocks. Like this visual reference for making a custom cursor!

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Cursor

However, Adobe Animate can make indie games with some study and dedication. Out the door, I would have to say Stencyl is the easier to learn to get a game up and running.

Which has the better learning curve? Stencyl = +1

1 point badge

Which Is Better For Resources? ( Help & Education )

With regards to education and documentation, Stencyl has documentation online from YouTube to Stencylpedia.

Adobe Animate does have some documentation about using JavaScript, but the comparison from the ActionScript era for help is lacking.

Which is best for education around making games? By a narrow margin, Stencyl, but that is not to say that Stencyl is the most well-documented engine outside of its own small ecosystem.

Stencyl = +1

1 point badge to stencyl

Which Has The Better ( Bigger & Active ) Community Between Stencyl or Adobe Animate?

So far, deciding which is better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate, Stencyl takes the lead, I would say that Animate is more or less on the ropes!

This isn’t to say that Animate isn’t a good piece of software. Animate is one of my cherished tools that I use! But nnowing Animate, I appreciate when the program is best used for certain jobs and projects.

If it was a classic Animation contest, or it was the mid-90s when Animate was still Flash, it would be in for a better chance.

But it isn’t.

Stencyl does have a community. But this community is neither been as big as Adobe’s, nor Animate’s online communities. And don’t think I’m being too bold in this statement.

On the dedicated Stencyl forum, at the time of writing this post, active members complain that the community appears to be shrinking ( paraphrased ).

To further encourage this thought. The time between questions and answers appears to be over a week. With some questions only getting 1 or 2 replies if any. Less community, less help, less knowledge shared.

This would be enough for me to feel nervous about using Stencyl for bigger projects.

On the other hand, Adobe Animate’s community isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination compared to some indie game communities. When Flash died a death, much of that Flash community went elsewhere.

For this, with caution, by a hair’s breadth – I award 1 point to Animate.

Adobe Animate = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Animate 1 point

Which Is The Most Capable?

Stencyl makes the easier stuff easier. You can make ‘twee’ games in Stencyl, but how good is it for working on games with more complexity?

Adobe Animate can also be used to make smaller games.

I would have to say the difference in capability could be marginal. However, with Animate, you can easily use it to create standalone games and or include Animate as part of a workflow with other programs and engines.

With this in mind, I will give 2 pts to Animate. And 1 pt to Stencyl. Both are very able programs in their own way. But I believe you can take Animate further when and how you use it.

If you know what you are doing JavaScript especially.

Adobe Animate = +2

Animate 2 points

Stencyl = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?

Which One Is Used With Game Careers?

If I was to be brutally honest. I would say that both were lacking when it comes to careers.

It feels like trying to decide which sock you’d prefer to get wet if you stepped into a puddle!

When Animate was Flash, it was desirable in the early 2000s for making games. There were numerous jobs on the market asking for experience in Flash. You can read more here – is Adobe Animate used professionally? But, that was then, this is now. As a professional that had formal training in Flash which was the predecessor to Animate. There is a greater lack of interest in Flash/Animate than there was in the 2000’s. Other game engines are now more favourable to studios.

Stencyl – if Adobe Animate is less popular than Flash, then Stencyl must be less popular still. Having said that, I have spoken to indie developers who have made perfectly viable 2D games with Stencyl! good ones too.

I have seen some small indie studios. mostly mobile gaming looking for knowledge of Animate but this is rare.

Animate = + 0.5

Which Is Most Efficient With Time?

Which is better between Adobe Animate and Stencyl for time? Without hesitation, Stencyl comes out on top. With Stencyl, you are able to assemble and prototype games quickly if you know your way around the blocks. Stencyl is light and fast for mocking up games.

Stencyl = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Stencyl

Which Has The Best Quality User Experience?

For user experience, as an indie game developer, the choice is simple. Stencyl behaves more like a simple game engine. Great for beginners and game devs to quickly kosh together a prototype. Animate at its core, is an animation program with game dev capabilities. Stencyl is a 2D no-code game development engine at its core.

Stencyl +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? + point

Which Is Better On Price?

Stencyl is free for you to download and experiment with. Adobe Animate, comes with a free trial. This trial expires after a set period of time. After this, you will either need to buy the single package or you can consider taking out the multi-package solution from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Free to play with vs free for a short period.

Stencyl is better on price, and it is free for people wanting to tinker with the software. Vote cast!

Stencyl +1

1 point badge for Stencyl

Future & Scope for Stencyl or Animate

Stencyl is a much smaller company, its community is smaller and may be shrinking, and it lacks the same brand name that Animate has behind it – Adobe (2023 ).

Animate comes as part of a popular set of professional tools. Although it may not have as much investment as its former namesake – Flash, it is still part of the Creative Suite.

Adobe Animate also has Flash nostalgia to carry it. It also has the compatibility and versatility to be both an animation tool and an HTML5 creation tool.

Animate has a bigger team, bigger investment, and is more widely distributed.

Animate = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?

Which Is Better Stencyl or Adobe Animate For Making Games? ( Final Round )

How could I decide between the two? Flash was part of my degree and I have a history with Flash! I used it for making casual 2D games.

If I had to choose now though, I think I would be tempted more by Stencyl. It is simple to follow, quick and geared toward making small 2D games quickly. It is fast and efficient.

Animate can also do this. But it is trickier to master and more long-winded in comparison to Stencyl.

Stencyl = +2
Animate = +1

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? Knock out round
Pow! Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?
2 points Stencyl
1 point

Which is better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? The Winner!

Stencyl = 9
Animate = 5.5

Thank you for reading – which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate? You may find these posts interesting too. The bottom line… boils down tp preference in the end. For me, I will pay attention to Stencyl for small projects. For bigger projects… other engines.

Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?
Which Is Better, Stencyl or Adobe Animate?

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