Where can I play old Flash games?

Where can I play old Flash games?

You may already know that Flash Player is long dead. Relegated to the virtual scrapyard of obsolete software!

Flash Player is history…

But Flash is not history for the die-hard Flash gamers.

For those of you wondering if there is a way to play Flash games, there is. But finding how and where is a challenge.

Before continuing, it should be noted Flash Player was discontinued due to its reputation with security and usability. Using unknown emulators, extensions or Flash player workarounds could expose your computer to vulnerabilities and unknown risks. You are responsible for any software that you decide to download! Keep that in mind.

*Be careful with downloading software from unknown sources.

Where can I play old Flash games?

Finding old Flash games: some websites and projects strive to preserve and archive Flash games, allowing users to continue playing them through alternative methods outside of using Flash Player. These methods to play old Flash games vary from browser archives, installing browser extensions to installing emulators.

Some projects of note that will allow you to play old Flash games are; Ruffle, Flashpoint, Internet Archive, and Newgrounds Player. These items vary in their offering in either allowing you to find and or play old Flash Games.

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Playing Old Flash Games – Unchartered Territory

In one breath, it pleases me to hear that people still want to find and play old Flash games.

Flash games were once the pinnacle of web entertainment. From richly imagined 2D shooters to room escape games.

Flash gamers spent copious hours playing browser games in bedrooms, offices, and, ‘ahem’ – college study rooms. Many of these games have left a legacy of indie games that were prevalent on various web browser game portals.

Now that Flash has gone, it has left a deep dark chasm in the internet. Some of which are unchartered and uncertain if explored! There are the dedicated few, the archivists, the Flash fanatics, and the tech lovers who strive to preserve the interest in old Flash games.


This dark territory of the internet is vast and unregulated. When asking yourself – where can I play old Flash games, you should practice caution. Using any emulators, plugins, or platforms to find or flash games is uncharted territory.

Flash, a now-defunct program ( or evolved, depending on how you look at it ) is no longer regulated by large brands. This can leave users exposed to more risks, but the same can be said for any legacy software.

When exploring solutions to play old flash games, proceed with caution.

Where can I play old flash games – Platforms ( accurate at the time of writing 2023 )

Flashpoint Archive

Flashpoint Archive is a web game preservation project that strives to catalog and archive Flash games. You can download the Flashpoint launcher from their website and play a vast collection of Flash games offline. To play Flash Games, you do not need Flash Player anymore.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a collection of Flash games that you can play directly in your browser using their emulation technology. There is no need to download software directly to your computer.

Newgrounds Player

Newgrounds was once a popular platform for Flash animations and games before Flash Player became defunct. To enable players to play their older titles, Newgrounds has developed a standalone player that allows you to play some of their classic Flash games.


Ruffle emulates Flash Player without the security issues that came with the now-defunct Flash Player. You can either download and install Ruffle as a standalone player or use it as a plugin extension with your browser.

Where can I play old flash games | Quick List

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