Best Browser Games That Need To Come Back

Browser games still exist you may be surprised to know! And gamers still play them too.

You would have thought that with the death of Flash Player, that browser games would all but vanish into obscurity. Dying a cataclysmic mega death with the Ragnarok that was the discontinuation of Flash player. Developers, like I, practically sobbed that day, some most probably did actually sob. Imagine being told that all of your games you made for the web won’t work anymore.

Gone… but not forgotten.

Although it is largely true that people are not playing Flash games as much now, and certainly not in its pure form, gamers are still playing web games today in 2023. Many of which were probably, formally Flash games.

This article is a love letter to nostalgic flash games. A post that reflects upon those old best browser games that need to come back. Objectively speaking many would beg to differ. But I am not speaking objectively. This is an opinion-based riddled nostalgia trip! Part of my major was in Flash too, so I am biased.

Whether these games are remakes, remasters or rediscovered! People need to be able to play them once again.

Nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses run strong. So does the simple time of original indie games for the web and browser games.

Here is a list of the best browser games that need to come back.

Best Browser Games By Title

In my humble opinion, these games were great fun when played in the browser.

“And live in harmony, harmony oh LOVE!”


What a cool game this was! Sadly, this game is difficult to play or even find now and has become somewhat of a game of old legacy. I did manage to find it, but my emulator failed to launch it! When deciding the best browser games that need to come back, I felt this one certainly deserved a comeback.

HRmageddon title graphic - best browser games that need to come back

It was turn turn-based strategy game, where you needed to pitch to rival companies against each other. Smooth talking salesman vs the mouse-wielding IT guy. Or a receptionist vs manager. What a great game with replay value!


Who can recall spending hour upon hour digging further and further into the dirt mining materials to upgrade your mining vessel? Can you remember what is at the bottom?

What a great little game this was too and did you know that you can still play it.

You can still play Motherload on some current websites you may be pleased to know with a simple Google search.

Best browser games that need to come back?

Motherload never went away.

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself ( games )

Adultswim ( not all for children or sensitive players ) used to have a catalogue of fun games and this was another. This absurd game or ‘games’ involved the player trying to wipe themselves out in a certain time period. Good old gallows humour!

Whack A Boss

Who remembers Whack a Boss? Again this is a game that never vanished. And ‘Doodie’ is still out there with new games too.

Best browser games that need to come back – Whack A Boss stayed around.

Doodie Website –

Robot Unicorn Attack

Perhaps this web game vanished with the sunset of Flash player. But after a sunset comes darkness… then there is a sunrise.

This game does not need to be remade. And neither did it vanish altogether! It moved platforms, in the most part.

This game is available as an app AND… you can still play it from the browser. All is not lost. however, it was a bit choppy on my computer.

Here is a video of the original Robot Unicorn Attack – and kudos to the player. they had some quick fingers!

“And live in harmony, harmony oh LOVE!”

Volume on! Best browser games that need to come back? Robot Unicorn Attack never left! What a classic. You may also find this topic of interest – where can you play old Flash games.

Viva Caligua

What a scream this game was – literally what a scream. You could scream into your microphone to further boost your power game. Fun, playful, entertaining, and more enjoyable than some of the games you get today! Gory too.

You may be able to play this on the internet somewhere. If not, it needs to be brought back to life! A worthy game in the hall of best browser games that need to come back.

Death Vegas

This Vegas come Sin City styled beat’em up game was great for getting your 2D fighting fix. Either by playing as a Marv-like steroided-up German boxer or any other from a range of other film noir combatants.

And that concludes … best browser games that need to come back!

Best browser games that need to come back | other platforms

We could go on about how other games need to make a comeback or… just consider some other similar topics around retro gaming and browser games.

best browser games that need to come back

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